Tell a story for business purposes : here is the simple definition of storytelling.

By replacing selling points for a brand or product with a story, the storytelling helps to capture attention and arouse emotions with customers.

This communication technique can also be used occasionally, during a advertising campaign for example, that as a permanent communication of the brand.

Most important in the business communication is to capture attention. What could be simpler then than to tell a story? To provoke an emotion will also allow your target to better retain your message.

storytelling, the art of telling a story


Stages of Storytelling


Tell a story It may sound simple, but there are key steps you can take to benefit from it.


– Find your story

First of all, it will be important to know what will be the history of your company . By determining the marketing goals of your storytelling and by knowing your target well, it will be easier for you to know what emotions to trigger in your customers to hit the mark.


– The character (s) of your story

Place at casting of your storytelling : who will be the protagonists that you will put forward to get your message across?

Always in accordance with your objectives and the image you want to give to your business, the choice of the main character is very important.

In your story, it will take center stage.


– Imagine a specific context

In every good story, there is a beginning and an end.

By which event your storytelling will begin and what will be the end point, the conclusion of your story, where you want to take your target in their emotions and imagination.


– The disruptive element

To sell your products or services, they must be the solution.

In your storytelling , your character will therefore have to face an obstacle and then provide him with the solution through what your brand offers.

Your target should be able to put themselves in your character’s shoes.


– A worked fall

Your character overcame the obstacles in your story by leveraging your brand and what you offer. Every story has an end… It’s time to tell yours.

But be careful to always leave a door open for future adventures.

A successful storytelling is a impactful storytelling who will have succeeded in getting your message across and grabbing the attention of your target audience.



Example of storytelling


Let’s take a concrete example of a brand we all know: Coca Cola .

Coca Cola has achieved the feat of appropriating the image of Santa Claus.

What could be better than to appeal to our childhood memories and in particular those that most touch the child in us all: Christmas?

The brand advocates optimism, sharing, a return to the innocence of childhood, for eternity, hence its slogan “ Always Coca-Cola “.

Coca Cola storytelling


In a few figures, Coca Cola is 11,000 liters of soda drunk every second in the world in 2018.

Coca-Cola has built through its films of real cinematic scenarios around the spirit of Christmas.

Take the “Make people happy” campaign, released in 2014. It immediately plunges us into a real Christmas tale that brings a multitude of emotions to the consumer.

The whole storytelling process deployed in this campaign would almost make us forget that it is an advertisement. The story takes us away from the product to remind us of the Christmas spirit and its values: conviviality, happiness, sharing or even hope.

All of these values are directly associated with the brand through the story that Coca Cola tells.

The objective is to remain consistent in the identity of the brand and in its heritage to recount everyday moments and create proximity with consumers around the world. The same images and the same ideas are shown in each film to tell the same story in different countries.


Storytelling at the heart of companies


You will have understood it, instead of using arguments and facts of reason to put forward your products or services, the storytelling allows create a universe around your business.

The story has emotional content more obvious and allows users to identify your brand. the feeling of closeness between you and your target is a essential element in the communication of your company to create a more human commercial bond.


Go ahead and tell us your story.

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