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Paid referencing: the SEA

Paid SEO is also called SEA “Search Engine Advertising”. These are the advertisements on the internet, the “ sponsored ads Google ads .

They allow you to highlight the brands and products sold by your company, through advertising on search engines.

To have a place in the search result pages by paid referencing , advertising space is purchased through keyword auctions.

Most of the investments in publicity is done through the commercial links platform Google Ads.

Among the advantages of SEA are:

  • An immediate increase in traffic to your website
  • A perfect mastery of your budget
  • A qualified and relevant traffic thanks to the different settings of the advertising campaigns
  • A detailed follow-up thanks to statistics and ad tracking

Natural referencing VS paid referencing

These 2 methods of visibility on the internet should be taken into consideration and worked separately.

They require specific knowledge in the field of digital communication but a good one digital strategy will often integrate them both.


SEO ( natural reference ) is working over the long term to establish the reputation of a website with free results provided you work on its optimization regularly.

To classify and position the pages in relation to the queries, the google algorithm takes into account hundreds of relevance criteria.

The position within the search result page is obtained by the relevance score that the engine algorithm gives to the page of your site for a request requested by the Internet user. This position is therefore strictly natural, unlike the positioning resulting from the paid referencing.


SEA (paid referencing) will give visible results in the short term, and on competitive keywords that will be difficult to optimize in SEO, through sponsored ads sure Google Ads.

The SEA allows your site to appear at the top of google search results , at the very moment when Internet users need the services you offer.

The traffic generated by the paid referencing gives a set of indicators to Google that will speed up the evaluation of the relevance of your site. An AdWords strategy can provide short-term and occasional support when launching a site or a promotional campaign, for example.

It is therefore advisable to treat the SEO and the SEA as complementary acquisition channels. The combination of these 2 SEO techniques will allow you to quickly meet your needs: traffic and conversion with the SEA, and investment of resources on your natural positions for a long-term result with the SEO .

Google Ads, what is it?

The principle of Google ads is to create relevant advertisements referring to your website .

These advertisements are called: sponsored ads . Campaigns containing these advertisements allow very fast results with precise monitoring of the benefits for your business.

First of all, it is essential to target your customers and to set up the best communication strategy. The more the chosen strategy is adapted to your company and your website, the more the advertisements will be of quality and the less they will cost you. Quality is a key factor when creating Google Ads campaigns.

Swiss Lime , your digital marketing agency, advises you on the implementation of the best digital communication strategy, guides you in the changes and improvements to be made on your various communication channels and allows you to reach a large customer base while keeping a reasonable budget.

Your digital advertising strategy with Swiss Lime

Swiss Lime will be able to answer your questions about sponsored ads. We offer different packages to create a fast and efficient visibility your brand or your products / services.

Our offices are located at Carrefour de Rive in Geneva.

We will be happy to help you to set up a paid referencing strategy .

With ultra-precise targeting of your audience, immediate visibility of your ads and a significant increase in visits to your website, we offer packages for all types of companies.

The Google Ads advertising can be used in all fields of activity.