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The natural referencing of a website: SEO

When we talk about the visibility of a website, we are talking about natural reference in other words SEO .

The ” Search Engine Optimization” , defines all the techniques implemented to improve the position of a website on the results pages of search engines such as: Google , Bing, Yahoo…

The goal of a SEO expert is to improve the website visibility that it supports by making them gain places on the search engines through numerous rules which respect the SEO .

When an Internet user searches for the Web , according to the words typed, the search engine will display a list of websites and information related to these few words. Your wish would be that YOUR site appears in the list of results, and if possible on the first page of the search engine, right?

For that you need optimize your SEO, so that the right search terms highlight your site.

SEO is then called: natural.

your visibility

Optimize your natural referencing

SEO is said to be natural when the search engine to positioned your website in the results given to the Internet user thanks to a relevance between the words typed and the content of your site .

So that you can give visibility to your site in accordance with the demand of your customers, it is therefore necessary optimize SEO internal textual content of your website . It is a technical, analytical and creative process aimed at attracting more customers. on your website .

The primary stake a website is to appear as high as possible in the 1st page search result . A large majority of Internet users do not or very little visit the secondary pages.

Yes your website is visible immediately, it boosts visits. The rest is automatic: the more you work your natural reference , the more your customers click on your website and the more the search engines bring you back to the 1st page.

After optimizing the natural referencing of a site , it is essential to keep working it, to improve it regularly to keep good visibility .

Creation of a website

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Swiss Lime, a digital communication agency in Geneva, offers you the opportunity to highlight your natural referencing on a quality website. We carry out a free audit of your website and we offer you improvements or a complete overhaul in order to stand out from your competitors. Are you starting your new activity? We create your site and we take care of your image on the web from A to Z.

Promote your brand or your services through a website that looks like you, with content that takes into account the guidelines for SEO . Our team takes care of everything for develop your business on the web : from optimization to website creation of your company.

Our team of graphic designers experts in website creation offers you a high quality service whatever your professional activity or your need.

The advantages of entrusting us with your website are many :

  • No commitment: the site belongs to you
  • Take control whenever you want: our sites are easy to use, even without technical knowledge
  • Help getting started on your site
  • Editable and scalable sites

Entrust your digital identity to experts .

Entrust your digital identity to experts

Swiss File
takes care of your natural referencing

Search engines regularly update their algorithms. Entrust natural referencing of your website to professionals will save you time and money in the long term.

After studying the textual content of your site, choose Keywords adapted to each page of your website and having optimized the referencing to the maximum, you must persevere… SEO is a practice that requires a lot of patience: on average, a page takes several months before being well positioned in natural referencing.

It is therefore necessary to monitor the progress of your site in real time and to adapt as you go. Make changes that will be beneficial: keep abreast of SEO trends and evolutions of algorithms but also to keep the site alive to the maximum. An Internet site having new content regularly, is a quality site in the eyes of search engines.

SEO of your website is an essential asset for a good visibility of your brand . Digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in corporate communication. Swiss Lime offers you packages to take care of the entire SEO of your website.

Do not hesitate to contact our communication agency for a quote or advice on the SEO of your website .

Our offices are located in Geneva, Carrefour de Rive, 1.

Swiss Lime is OPQUAST certified
“Quality control in web projects”

We rely on these web quality rules , which address the main areas of risk: privacy, eco-design, poor UX, accessibility, security, performance, etc.

We take into account the diversity and the user requirements :

  • The multiple contexts of use of a site’s content: novice users, seniors, people with disabilities, etc.
  • Define the basic requirements of website users
  • Application of the rules of W3C and its standards in the distribution of quality online content and services.
  • Mastery of the vocabulary associated with digital accessibility, the Mobile Web and internationalization.


OPQUAST missions :

  • Act to enable as many people as possible access web services , whatever their profile: age, skills, languages, physical or mental skills, culture, materials used and connection methods.
  • Improve web services by simplifying and facilitating their use in the private, public and professional spheres and their development as a vector of social and environmental transformation of societies and organizations.
  • Help professionals and organizations to develop their skills and their impact on the quality, accessibility and simplicity of websites and digital tools.
  • Train, unite, support and develop an ecosystem of people and organizations committed to the web improvement .