The importance of having a mobile site


What is mobile first?


Mobile first ” literally means “ mobile first ”. It is when the designer of a website thinks about creating the site in its mobile version as a priority .

Internet browsing is optimized for mobile phones and then adapts to other media such as tablets or laptops.


Why create a mobile first site?


Creating a site adapted to mobile browsing meets the requirements of Internet users but also and above all the requirements of Google robots to allow good natural referencing , and therefore good visibility.

By adapting your site to mobiles , it will be simpler, faster and more efficient. The superfluous elements are reduced and the content is rich but concise.

So Google’s algorithm , which prioritizes quality Internet browsing , will give more visibility to sites with a mobile-first design.

responsive google site

The result for your website is automatically visible. Its natural referencing is boosted. Its ranking in search engine responses is therefore enhanced.

On the user side, it should be noted that Internet consultation on mobiles has jumped in recent years. In Switzerland, 92% of adults own a smartphone and use it every day. In our daily lives, to look for information on stores, search for a specific product or even consult the opening hours of a store, the consultation is done primarily through our smartphones.

This trend has a name, Internet users are called “mobile users”.


A responsive site or a mobile first site?


A so-called ” responsive ” site adapts to all media: mobile, tablet, desktop … It is created with a structure that will adapt by prioritizing the appearance of blocks according to their relevance and importance. The site blocks move and fall into place according to the size of the support screen.

A website that is designed responsively is designed from the ground up for a computer medium while adapting to other media.

Unlike the responsive site, the one designed in mobile first will start things upside down. Its primary objective will be to be made for a mobile medium and then on other media.

He will therefore optimize it for mobile browsing as a priority and then create the following designs for other media such as computers.

These 2 concepts, although dealing with the same subject, are opposed.

The responsive site is created from a computer and will adapt to mobiles.

The mobile first site is created from a mobile to adapt to a computer.

Depending on the Internet users who visit your site, your field of activity and the weight of the information contained in your pages, you will have to make the choice between these 2 design modes for your website.


Characteristics of a mobile first site


If while browsing your favorite site from your mobile, you need to zoom in on the screen, then it is not mobile first.

In practice, to have a good user experience on mobile , you need to:

  • Adapt the width of the pages to the size of mobile screens
  • Design visuals compatible with smartphones
  • Create easy-to-read text content that sits high on the page
  • Adapt the menu with ” burger menu “: these 4 small bars that unfold to offer the menu in full mobile page.
  • Put some distance between the different links, so that the user can click without making an error …


mobile first



Responsive or Mobile First: which one to choose?


There is no right way to deliver a mobile experience, there are just tools suitable for different cases as you wish.

Our digital communication agency can help you in your choices in terms of digital strategy. We support you in creating your website and setting up your digital identity.