User Experience or UX


The user experience on a site is the ease for an Internet user to navigate on this site.

It highlights a fluid, pleasant and intuitive interaction .

This term is recent, it was used for the first time in 1995. The UX is very broad and takes into account many criteria.

  • Factual criteria : such as the speed of the site, its ease of navigation , the presence of a clear menu, its mobile version, etc.
  • Subjective criteria : such as the emotion felt by an Internet user during his visit.


Expérience Utilisateur - UX


What are the UX criteria?


It has been highlighted 7 main criteria essential to the User Experience on a website:

  • usefulness
  • Use
  • Accessibility
  • Credibility
  • Design
  • The capital gain
  • The visibility

critères UX site

These criteria must be taken into account to offer the best experience to its visitors on its website .

More than 65% of Internet users leave a site when it does not meet the UX criteria.


UX best practices


How you incorporate the key design elements of your site can go a long way toward UX success.

Among the items that should be on your checklist, here are a few to remember:

  • Set up a visual hierarchy and highlight the important elements
  • Don’t break the standards . A customer area is almost always at the top right, no need to move it and let your users get lost
  • Use consistent elements
  • The navigation menu should be clear and easy to use. It must be fixed and on all pages.
  • The site must perfectly adapt to mobile browsing (responsive)
  • Don’t overload your pages… Ventilate and bring out what is important.
  • Think about the loading speed of your pages and avoid making them too long to load with non-essential elements.
  • Include an internal search bar
  • Optimize your content to be visible on search engines: SEO


Many other criteria must be taken into account, depending on your target, the purpose of your site: showcase or e-commerce , the type of information present in your content, etc.

UX site e-commerce


UX in e-commerce


Do you want to optimize the User Experience of your online sales site?

From interacting with your prospects to facilitating the purchase action, through listening to customer satisfaction, here are some best practices to ensure the most positive customer experience possible.

  • Your payment options should be secure and simple . Offering payment without creating an account is also an alternative that will facilitate the purchase action.
  • The social networks of your e-commerce site must be neat and in accordance with your site.
  • Take into account customer reviews and their satisfaction as well as their comments.
  • Correctly fill in the forms of your products for sale .
  • Consider blogging . It is useful for your natural referencing, it is a gateway to your site and allows you to deepen certain subjects related to your business.
  • Personalize your messages . With the purchase history of your Internet users, personalized content with information left during a previous visit…