What is AI?


Artificial intelligence (or AI) is more and more present in our daily life, especially through new products or services. Artificial intelligence is not a technology per se but rather a scientific field in which tools can be classified when they meet certain criteria.

Artificial intelligence is any tool used by a machine to :

“replicate human-related behaviors, such as reasoning, planning, and creativity”.

Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT


Conversational AI


Conversational AI is based on natural language generation technology.

She is trained to follow an instruction in a guidebook so that she can provide an accurate and detailed answer.

ChatGPT, which has been making a lot of noise lately, is a chatbot designed by the American company OpenAI, which specializes in the field of artificial intelligence.

Its main function is to generate text to answer web users’ queries. The chatbot can generate text responses in several languages including French.

This type of artificial intelligence has caused quite an uproar in the content marketing industry. ChatGPT has all the answers, masters all the writing techniques and writes 1000 words in 1 minute.

However, it is clear that the human being remains, for the time being, essential in terms of Web writing and natural referencing.




This term definesall the techniques implemented to improve the position of a website on the results pages of search engines

Google ranks websites by degree of relevance. The more relevant the textual content of a site is, the more visible it is and the closer it is to the 1st page. Several criteria are taken into account by the different algorithms.

The quality of the writing, the integration and highlighting of the main keywords, the information of the SEO tags, certain technical characteristics of the site as well as the internal and external links.

The robots that crawl the web to determine a site’s placement on search engines rely on more than 200 SEO criteria.


Is artificial intelligence allowed in SEO?


Google gave its vision onAI to create content for websites:

“Reward high quality content, regardless of how it is produced.”

It is therefore not forbidden to use content generated by artificial intelligence, provided that it remains of good quality.


Is AI capable of writing quality SEO copy?


First of all, artificial intelligence has no personal opinion. Its experience in a specific field is limited exclusively to the information provided to it by a database. This can be detrimental to the relevance of what is being said in some sectors.

No tool can currently replace an author when it comes to writing a quality article, a testimonial, or expressing an opinion.

The creative mind, the nuances, the specific formulas, the personal understanding that a human can have are still not taken into account byAI.

Its sense of humor is limited, it has no emotional intelligence and this can be harmful, because texts written by an artificial intelligence can then be boring.

In short, texts produced by an AI will not offer the same user experience as a writer sharing his expertise. It can be a useful tool if you want to generate content quickly but you will have to go back over the text produced to make it more pleasant, to check the relevance of the AI analysis, but also to put your human touch…

Artificial intelligence: web editor


The limitations of ChatGPT


Despite the relevance of its answers on various topics, conversational AI still has limitations that must be taken into account:

  • The database on which it relies has not been updated since 2021. For current topics or recent events it will not be of any help.
  • It does not indicate its sources.
  • Check the credibility of the content produced : the information provided by ChatGPT is not always reliable.
  • His texts are standardized, look the same and can sometimes be very stereotypical.
  • His knowledge on specific subjects is limited.

Finally, Google states that “giving an AI an author signature is probably not the best way to follow [ses] recommendations.

Artificial Intelligence: ChatGPT